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For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again.
F. Scott Fitzgerald  (via abeautifullifetime)

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It would have broken my heart if it hadn’t been so damn familiar. I guess I’d gotten numb to that sort of thing. I had heart-leather like walruses got blubber.
Junot Diaz, Drown (via anditslove)
Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else.
Isaac Asimov (via wordsthat-speak)
The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.
Lois Lowry, The Giver (via somesmallghosts)

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Sam Smith | Stay With Me

Whatever I am, you did it.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Offshore Pirate (via theglasschild)

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Commit to loving yourself completely. It’s the most radical thing you will do in your lifetime.
Andrea Gibson, in this interview with Hooligan Magazine (via bundleofstring)

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sleeping by myself
curled up like a question mark
come and answer me

Haiku, Eliza Kane (via nevver)
Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back.
Eve Ensler, I am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World (via theglasschild)

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